Giving you that extra layer of confidence


How I got Started

I have always been the entrepreneurial type, even from a young age. I went through phases of creating and wanting to bring my ideas to life! After starting a small business in 2019 and dipping my toes in how it all works, I knew I wanted to keep at it and build a brand I was proud of that could give back to people! This rebrand is what that is all about, empowering people to becoming the best version of themselves and giving them that extra layer of confidence!

Whats the Goal?

My goal for ChellyRae&Co is to create a comfortable and easy experience from start to finish. Having gone to spaces and felt vulnerable and nervous myself, I want to provide a service that leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease! Offering mobile tans where I come to you, letting you be in your own space to gain nothing but confidence!

What's next?

I have so many fun ideas in the works of what I am going to bring to ChellyRae&Co. I want to collaborate with other local companies in hopes of working together to create new ideas. I am always thinking and listening to what people want and at the end of the day I want to continue providing a service everyone will love and feel good about!

Tans to match you perfectly